The Local Knowledge

10. Costa Rican Beers
Costa Rica has 4 major beer brands, Imperial, Rock Ice, Bavaria and Pilsen. Pilsen is the oldest of the Costa Rica recipes and has an IPA style taste. Bavaria has the most complex flavor of all the brands in Costa. Rock Ice is brewed with an ‘ice aging’ method that matches well with the fruity flavours they offer. Imperial is a very smooth drinking lager style beer that is perfect for hot days on the east coast.

9. Juicy Fruit
Eat as much fruit as you can. Unlike in North America where fruit is ripened on the truck, fruit in Costa Rica is ripened on the tree which means they are super juicy, very sweet and have a fuller flavor. The most popular fruits you will see are pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit, mango, and bananas. Try and eat your fill…

8. Tico Time
In Costa Rica things move slower than you might expect. Take the time to decompress when you arrive because if you want to keep to a tight schedule it may be difficult. Relax and know that things will get done and you will see all the sights throughout Costa it might just not be a down to the minute schedule.

7. Hiking a Rainforest
Nobody visits Costa Rica and says “maybe next time” for a chance to explore a rainforest. Just because everyone does it though, doesn’t mean everyone has the time of their life. It’s easy to make some beginner mistakes in the rainforest, like walking too quickly, forgetting to look up, speaking loudly or wearing bright colors. The best tip we can give you is to go with a guide that will reveal more secrets of the rainforest than you ever thought possible.

6. Multi Climates
Prepare for rain! Costa Rica has many different climates for a small country, so the weather is far from consistent or predictable. The safest bet is to always pack some rain gear just in case a shower sneaks up on you. Many of these tropical showers don’t last for long – sometimes just a few minutes. If you’re prepared, you won’t be spending the next hour drying off.

5. Lots of National Parks
25% of Costa Rica is protected as national park areas, the most famous being Cocos Island. Scuba divers come from around the world to experience one of the most unique aquatic ecosystems on Earth. Far removed from the typical tourist hot-spots for beginner divers, the prospect of seeing Hammerhead sharks, rays and dolphins is worth the trip.

As a bonus – Cocos Island has long been rumored to be home to buried treasure. A real life treasure island!

4. Private Shuttles
We want our clients to get the absolute most out of their Costa Rican adventures, so we often arrange for private drivers or shuttles. That allows you to keep an eye on the scenery without the stress of getting lost.

If you’re interested in exploring on your own though, remember that official taxis are red, which means they are required to use a meter. Use any other taxi at your own risk – there’s no telling how fast that fare might rise.

3. Looking for Nightlife
Looking to take in the local nightlife? Jaco Beach is the where you need go. Be warned though, it’s the closest beach to San Jose, making it a prime location for tacky shops and heavy tourist traffic so don’t expect much in the daylight. It’s when the sun goes down that you can get the most out of Jaco. If you’d rather get some quiet time and an authentic Costa Rican experience, we can make some great recommendations on some beaches where you can get that solitude you’ve been looking for.

2. What is Lizano Sauce?
What’s that brown sauce you keep seeing everywhere? That’s Lizano Sauce, unique to Costa Rica. This thin sauce is used by Costa Ricans on all the staples of the diet, including (but not limited to) rice and beans, fish, cheeses and meats prepared any way. It’s so popular with Costa Rican’s that its exported around the world for central American restaurants to give them an authentic flavor.

1. Driving in Costa Rica
There is so much to see and do in Costa Rica, that you’ll most likely find yourself travelling down more than a few bumpy roads. We typically set up our clients with a driver of their own, but if you want to drive yourself, be sure to get a 4×4. Not many roads are paved, and if a sudden change of weather happens and you’re off the main roads you might find yourself spending the night in a town that wasn’t on the itinerary!

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